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1st Anomaly: Tale of Captain Jack

In 1807 Captain John 'Jack' Edgar was in command of HMS London returning from an 18 month voyage. While still in the South Atlantic two enemy ships were spotted, chased and engaged. After the ensuing action, Jack finds a strange object in his cabin which sends him into a deep and luxurious sleep. He woke up in his home county of Hampshire, but he soon finds out, the year is 1943.

Overcoming the difference in centuries and with no idea of how he got here, Jack meets Lottie who finds him both strange but attractive. She decides to help him along in 20th Century and try to work out why he is here, what his mission is and how to get back to his own time and family.

Along the way, she introduces him to life and customs of the era. She also introduces him to her uncle, the First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy who recognises a leader when he sees one. When an opportunity arises to return to the sea, Jack takes it and soon he was bound for one of the hottest postings of the war - Malta.

Malta is another place that Jack knows from his own time. But will he find his answers and fulfil his mission? Fighting his war in the fast ships of the coastal forces he gets involved in the biggest landings of the war so far and once again, Jack was in the thick of the action. After all, it is what he does best.

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The Tale of Captain Jack - Tinkerman Tales


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