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The medium, not the artist.
A study by Heidi Parsons

Information about the person we know as ][Bookends, was hard to find. It seems that he is just a normal, everyday fella, nothing remarkable, the father of three children he adores and he lives in England. His life seems to consist of work, parenting, occasional home improvement projects, gardening and ferrying children to this, that or the other. His life is just like so many other men of forty (or so). This is certainly the persona he is keen to promote.

What we have learnt about him is that he is very private about his written work. In messages however, he claims to be the conduit chosen to tell the stories that make up the series he calls 'The Tinkerman Tales'.

What makes him think he has been chosen, we do not know. Likewise, who has chosen him and why he was chosen is more baffling! He certainly was not selected for his writing abilities! He had no experience of any writing or creativity on his curriculum vitae at all. A deeper scan of his history also draws a complete blank and it seems that his sole contribution to the world of creative writing consists of tedious office emails, project delay reports and angry letters to the council. With this background, his role as Author is, at the least, curious.

It is my belief that ][Bookends feels like an innocent on the edge of the world of accomplished authors whose creativity he apparently greatly appreciates and admires. He seems reluctant to do anything with his written work and again, the reason for his reluctance is unclear. From my understanding of the character, I would conclude that he does not want to publish the work as non-fiction, for fear of being described as insane, but equally feels that he has discovered truth, which is why he has been so diligent in his research. He claimed that he gets his ideas through a 'connection', after which, the words merely flow from his fingers. Modestly, he describes himself as the medium, but not the artist.

He has written that 'it all started early one morning during his daily commute'. Apparently, he felt what he describes as 'the connection' being made – it was simple, life changing and from that moment, he has known that his role is to write what comes to him. Since then, he has compulsively spent every waking moment as a slave to the story, writing as he receives it.
He is not unhappy about the role in the least. ][Bookends is fascinated by the story, he feels it is like no other and he is privileged to be the first to hear it, writing it down is his pleasure.

In describing the process, ][Bookends has said that he feels that as the story is written through him rather than by him, and therefore he is unable to claim credit for the creation of the story. His reluctance to publish his story and the concerted efforts he makes to remain anonymous throughout his research adds to the mystery of his motivations. The feeling that he wishes above all to separate his writing from his private life is indeed a possibility.

What we do know though is that having been, for some years, an avid reader of modern, classic and historical fiction, it is possible that this background contributed to his selection as the conduit for the story, although this is mere conjecture. He clearly finds both the stories and the subjects engaging, and takes pleasure in acting as the 'typewriter' for whoever is feeding him the words.

][Bookends completion of his research into the first anomaly has allowed Z2Group to work on corroborating the events within his research. We will release his findings in the briefing paper entitled 'The Tale of Captain Jack'.

Our surveillance of his activities has shown that ][Bookends has uncovered a further three anomalies, so we will continue to monitor his work. It is the belief of Z2Group that his continued connection and research will lead to the discovery of Time Travel in the 21st century.

Heidi Parsons
Head of ][Bookends Surveillance


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