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Invitation to the launch of The Tale of Captain Jack
The first of the Tinkerman Tales series

Introduced by Commander Nathan Leonard, Z2Group

Venue: The Dolphin Pub, High Street, Portsmouth
Starts at 8pm, FREE entry

Time travel and naval history enthusiasts from around the country are set to converge in an old Portsmouth pub this Friday 29th June, for the long awaited launch of The Tale of Captain Jack, the first of the Tinkerman Tales series by father of three commuter turned author, known simply as
][Bookends [1]. 

The book, released as a novel for security reasons, contains sensitive new evidence about time travel that is happening today, hence the preferred anonymity of the author.

Commander Nathan Leonard of the Z2Group, a small but highly specialist intelligence agency within M15, which has had ][Bookends under surveillance for some time now, will address the audience with an overview of their work, which focuses on time travel research and their knowledge of
][Bookends’ activities. He will also provide an overview of the Tale of Captain Jack, The Tinkerman Tales Series, and introduce some of the characters from the book.

Commander Nathan Leonard says:
I wish to bring to your attention the official release of the TOP SECRET briefing paper known internally as ‘The Tale of Captain Jack’. It is the first of a series of works into the research of time travel  conducted by the Z2Group and is therefore highly  sensitive.

“To understand the enormity of this event, you will find it beneficial to visit the website: www.tinkermantales.com. Within the site, you will be able to access secure information regarding the Z2Group, the surveillance of ][Bookends and, with the requisite security clearance, you may be able to access the briefing paper itself.”

For a sneak preview of the book, download a free copy of chapter one from the website. Copies of The Tale of Captain Jack will be available for purchase at the launch.

For further information or to arrange an interview contact Heidi Parsons heidip@z2group.co.uk

Notes to editors

[1] Author Biography: ][Bookends
From Portsmouth, England, ][ Bookends spends most of his life working, parenting, occasional home improvement projects, gardening and reading modern, classical and historical fiction. His life is very similar to many other men of his age, forty (or so). It seems that this is the persona he is keen to promote.

He is very private about his writing, claiming to be the conduit chosen to tell the stories that make up the series he calls, ‘The Tinkerman Tales’. No one knows who has chosen him or why. He was certainly not selected for his writing abilities. He has no previous experience of any writing or creativity on his CV. A deeper scan of his history draws a complete blank. It seems that his sole contribution to the literary world consists of tedious office emails, project delay reports and angry letters to the council. With this background, his role as author is, at the least, curious.

He says that he feels that the story is written through him rather than by him and takes pleasure in acting as the “typewriter” for whoever is feeding him the words. To him it is a privilege to be the first to hear the story. His reluctance to publish his story and the concerted efforts he makes to remain anonymous throughout his research adds to the mystery of his motivations.


The Tinkerman Tales Project

The Tinkerman Tales Project was born out of surveillance of a dedicated individual who is known only as ][Bookends. The Z2Group were alerted to his activity after he had filed many requests for specific information about seemingly unrelated events. The volume of requests was significant and background checks confirmed his requests were not related to his line of work.

After the successful execution of an 'intrusive' operation, it was possible to gain a thorough understanding of the type of research ][Bookends was conducting and the progress made. Z2Group researchers are now able to discreetly monitor his work (see the ][Bookends activity monitor on the sidebar).

It is not understood what, or who, prompted ][Bookends to start this work, or indeed, what provides the inspiration for direction of his research. However, it has become clear that by piecing together key pieces of information, it is possible to provide evidence of Time Travel that is real and happening in the world today.

Quite how it is possible is not known and remains a focus of research for the Z2Group.

The threat to National and International security was considered significant and therefore required disclosure to the highest strata of security executive in the G8. Z2Group presented their interim findings to senior security executives of the G8. It was agreed that research must be conducted in each jurisdiction, to establish whether other Time Travel anomalies have occurred. The project was granted the highest internal priority in terms of clearance and access to information, the scope of which includes anything from important documents of state to individual household bills and receipts. No item of information is considered insignificant.

][Bookends has been carefully monitored by the Z2Group for several years now. That he continues his research undisturbed is of paramount importance to the project.

After their secure handling of the project to date, the Z2Group has been given unanimous support from the G8 security executives to maintain the project lead. It is also responsible for co-ordination of the on-going search for new anomalies with collaborating agencies from around the globe.



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