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The Z2Group has used the term 'Anomaly' to describe a situation where an individual is found to be in the wrong time. An individual's presence in a time which is 'out of sequence' is in contravention to the understood the rules of time and is known by the Z2Group as an Anomaly.

It is known by the Z2Group that ][Bookends has discovered four specific anomalies, all of which are currently under research. His first discovery is the most developed and having secured the research, Z2Group will be making this available as a briefing paper in September 2011. For more information please see the 'Tale of Captain Jack'. The next three anomalies are still in the research phase, updates will be posted here as the research progresses.

UPDATE: Recent security clearance levels with our transatlantic security partners have now been resolved and the briefing paper 'The Tale of Captain Jack' has been cleared for release exclusively on this site. Purchase here >>>

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