Top Secret . . .

Bookends Surveillance

Surveillance of Bookends is key to the research to establish the source of his information and to know his next move.

The research he conducts is seen as critical to the project and ensuring that he is unaware of our activities is imperative.

To this end, he and his identity are carefully protected. We know from his messages to his Aunt that he suspects that he is being followed, monitored or both but he, at the moment seems content to put this down to paranoia because of the secret he bears. For this reason, we aim to anticipate his next move but at least, to know where he is at all times without giving him any reason to suspect the extent of our surveillance operation.

We have recently been instructed to release some surveillance photos to trusted organisations. These have been taken over a period of a few days soon after our operations started tracking him. He is seen confident enough to walk around without a disguise.

Now, he rarely leaves his home unless working and he now takes more elaborate precautions against being spotted or followed. For this reason, we will not release recent photos.

Z2Group - Head of Surveillance
Amrish Patel