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Late in 2007, a high security research agency, the Z2 Group, reported their findings after investigating a series of seemingly unrelated events that had been impossible to adequately explain.

At a conference for high-ranking security officials from around the globe, the Z2 Group presented their report: their findings were profound. As a consequence of that briefing, the project has had unrestricted access to all types information, unlimited budget and unparalleled security clearance.

The report was based on their anomaly research, which had initially been focused on a character known to them only as ][Bookends. It had been assumed that his work was confined to stories of historical fiction. However it soon became clear that his work was based on the premise of actual time travel. Closer examination of events within his studies, confirmed to the researchers that he had not only found evidence to backup the theory of time travel but had actually discovered evidence of a time traveller.

The Z2 Group continues the research they started, their objectives being to discover the cause of the anomalies and establish how to travel in time. Their project is called The Tinkerman Tales.

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